Does your store publish a blog?

Does your store publish a blog?

We know one way to help brick and motor businesses survive the challenging covid environment we currently find ourselves in, is to create a new revenue stream.  Help support that by publishing a blog if you don’t already.  A blog published regularly will support the activities going on in your store.  A blog can support your local community, make you more relevant to your customers, increase your email list and keep you first in mind when folks think about venturing out, with personal protection of course.  Think of a blog as another tool in your marketing toolkit.

Most website platforms have a place to publish your blog already built into the platform. (Assuming your store has a website.If it doesn’t, stop everything you are doing and create one).  You can then, at the least, share your postings to your Facebook and Instagram pages.  Choose the right words, and with some search engine optimization, your blog post will show up in the google listings when someone searches for one of your words.

According to, always state the problem you are going to solve in the body of the blog, at the beginning or in the title.  This will catch readers attention and allow them to know if the topic, elaborated on, will be of interest to them.

Blog on a regular basis.  Put it on your calendar.  Use our old-fashioned paper calendar available here if you prefer paper and a pen.  Try to publish at least once a month.  You may find yourself posting once a week!  More often is better, but make sure you are putting something out there that will be of value to your audience, not just publishing for the sake of posting.

What to write about?  Blog about the new products you are bringing into the store.  Share what your store is doing to keep customers safe.  Are you donating products, money or time to your local medical community or medical workers?  Your customers should know that about you!  Share a DIY or different way to use a product you already sell.  Help the local community with publicity about an event the town is hosting, in this new covid time.  Ask for input from your customers about new products or services they may want to see.  Spotlight an employee.  The list of topics is endless!  Just make sure it is timely, relevant and will be of interest to your audience.

Hopefully, you have come up with a new revenue stream to help get through this challenging covid time.  Blog to help support it, and everything else you do!  You will find yourself enjoying this new marketing tool and enjoy the success it helps bring to the continued growth of your brand!