Should You Carry Pet Products if you don’t run a pet store?

Should You Carry Pet Products if you don’t run a pet store?

Aug 1st 2019

The simple answer is yes. Which you knew we were going to say… But let’s investigate why you should be carrying some pet products in your gift, gourmet, souvenir, general, or really any type of store.

According to American Pet Products Association, more than 85 million families have at least one pet in the household. That is more than 68% of the households in the country! Not to mention that many of these households have more than one pet. There are plenty of customers in this space and many are sizable! According to a Harris Poll Survey, 95% of pet owners think of their pets are part of the family. That means if they are purchasing a treat or toy for a human member of the family, the pet part of the family will also be receiving something special. If, the store offers options for the pet family member.

When pricing a want, and not a need, (pet products, at lease in a non-pet store, are a want), customers are less price sensitive than they are for something they need regularly and for which there are many competitors. When choosing pet treats for your store, you should be looking for something a bit different and unique. This allows you to price the products with a generous margin. If you simply have a bag of treats from the same manufacturer or distributor that supplies Walmart, you are going to have a tough time with a healthy margin on that bag, or even interest, as that bag is everywhere.

Pet treats are a consumable. Your customer will need them each time they come into your store, especially if the dog is waiting in the car! Consumables are a great item to have as an impulse at the register.

Pet products are a fun, feel good category. No one is cranky when looking at pet products! Take a poll in your own store, pet products make people smile. And we all need more feel-good categories in our stores. When your customer leaves feeling a bit happier, she is more likely to spend more and come back more often!

So, yes, if you want a product category that is feel good, consumable, has a huge market, and healthy margins, you need some pet treats and pet products in your product mix.

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