The Importance of Signage for your Business

The Importance of Signage for your Business

There are so many parts to running a business! And the list never seems to get completely checked off. When one thing seems to be in order, something else crops up! One critical aspect that doesn’t always get the proper attention is signage. From the sign(s) outside your store to the pricing signs you have on the shelves, there is an opportunity to confirm for your customer who you are and what you do.

Outside signage is so important! According to Fedex, "76% of customers will enter a store or business they have never visited before simply because of its signs."It is your customers first, and maybe only, if they don’t turn into your parking lot, impression of you. So often, businesses are not clear with their primary outside sign. If the name of your business doesn’t include what you do, you must add that information to the outside sign. “Jean's Happy Dogs”, is this a retail store that sells dog products? Is this a grooming salon? Is this a doggy day care? Is this a training center? 

There must be enough information on the outside sign, so the customer knows what is happening inside, and the text must be short enough to be read quickly. The font is also important. It must be a font that is easily and quickly read. It might not be so pretty, but if the customer can’t read it, they will drive by. Decorations in the corners of the sign might be pretty, but if it takes away from the few seconds the customer has to read the sign, it doesn’t serve you or your customer. The outside sign should identify your brand, be easy to read, quickly let you know what is happening inside your space and be inviting.

Sometimes there is a sandwich board sign outside or some additional signage on the store walls, in the windows, or even in the landscaped areas. These signs should always have a purpose. If you have nothing to say, don’t put the signs out. They take away from the time you have to communicate with your customers. All the signage outside should lead the customer into your store. They should also use the same color scheme and font. If you can’t reproduce in house, the font and color used on the main outside sign, plan ahead and get the additional signage professionally made so your store has beautiful, inviting communication which will lead your customer inside.

We all have inside signage. Your inside signs should all have the same color scheme and use the same font. Of course, you may want to use signage on a display that is completely different than what you use in the rest of the store, to draw attention to it. But, if the rest of the store’s signage is a mish mash of size, color, and font, how would the customer know that other display is different? If your inside signage is handwritten, make sure the same person writes them all, and at the same time of day. (We all write a bit differently as the day goes along). You want the signage to be informative and lead to a sale, not be distracting and messy.

According to the website Relevance, Insights to your own industry, “Building your brand through signage is important. But simply sticking a sign with your logo on it into the ground isn’t enough. Careful planning and consideration of your company goals can help you develop clever signage.” Clear, easily read, signage with continuity in font, color, and design will help drive customers into your business and help sell them once they are in!