​Tips for a New Year's New Office

​Tips for a New Year's New Office

All your office "stuff" ends up in your office sooner or later, but then what happens to it? If you are like most of us, there are piles on the desk, on the shelves, on sometimes on the floor. Are your mailing supplies in one place? How about the check books? We can all use a New Year’s reorganization and improvement of our office working space. Below are some great suggestions.

First, think muck out! That doesn’t necessarily mean throw out. But it does mean, just like your clothes closet, if you haven’t referred to that piece of paper in a year, throw it or file it. Get it out of the space that you need to function in every day. You will work more efficiently if your office space isn’t cluttered. Do you have product samples piled up in your office? Have you already brought that product in? Are you still deciding? Is that product not a fit for your store? Move the ones already in inventory, and the ones are not a fit for your store on to someone who might really appreciate that sample. Put the ones you are still deciding on in a designated place. You get the idea, if whatever it is, isn’t used regularly, move it or dispose of it.

Invest in some drawer organizers. It is so much easier to find the tape, your favorite pen or the scissors if they are in a sectioned off part of the drawer instead of at the bottom of the pile of utensils.

Put up some taller shelves. Make the spaces between the shelves tall enough so you can put the tallest box, coffee maker, basket, etc. easily into that space. Use the highest shelves for things you only use every once and while, but don’t forget, like the paperwork, if you haven’t used it in a year, out it goes.

Get a chalk board. You will use this so much more than you can ever imagine! You can have one for your personal task list in the heart of your office, and another one where everyone can use it. It helps the staff see what is on the to do list, and best of all, when that task is complete, you get to erase it. Love it when the board is clean of tasks!

If you are using baskets or boxes for storage, put labels on them all. You won’t have to look in each basket trying to find the item you are looking for. Make the labels something easy to change, and easy to read.

Add some extra lighting. It can be as easy as another lamp on your desk. It is amazing how much easier it is to work with great lighting. Not harsh bulbs, but bright lights to bring some extra energy to your office.

Get a new plant. Discard the old ones that aren’t looking so great anymore. It can be a low maintenance, plant that doesn’t even flower. But a new living plant will add life and energy to your office space and even help clean your air!

A newly cleaned and reorganized workspace improves your attitude and will make your office time more efficient. It doesn’t matter how small an improvement it is. Anyone coming into your office will feel the new improved energy and efficiency of your work space and add in the end, to the bottom line!